(Written in 2007)

Let me introduce myself a little bit. I am originally from Thailand. Green tea is my favorite icecream favor. I had it a lot when I was in Thailand.

Talking about games: I grew up playing games. When I was in highschool I played the game called A-math. It is like Scrabble except that instead of making a word, you make a math equation. It was a stupid game but it was fun and good socialize. I used to play a lot of chess while I was in college, but now I quit. One time, my team did actually go all the way to Malaysia to compete in the tournament. We did not do well. But it was a very fun experience. Last year(2006) I started to play many new board and card games like Go, Bridge and Chinese chess. Bridge is supposed to be the queen of all the card games. Go is supposed to be the hardest board game on earth. Chinese chess is not supposed to be so hard. Chinese chess is not quite so popular yet. However it turned out that it might take some efforts to be good at these games. Actually I could not even play well in 9 by 9 board in Go, (We are not talking about 19 by 19 board here). These days the only thing that I am willing to spend my effort on is math, so I lost interest in these games fairly quickly. Well this year I start to play a real game(a bit) (video game) which is fun. I am playing Dragon Quest III in GBC(Game Boy Color). I bought a laptop and have emulators of NES, SNES and GBA on my laptop computer. I don't really play a new game like PS3. I think it is just too fancy and I don't have that much time.

Talking about math: I am on my way to graduate now. Actually part my research is related to games too. But it is a math game. My advisor is Doron Zeilberger (Dr.Z). I think I absorb so much philosophy and style from him. I also start to believe that math is merely experimentation and induction.

Talking about sports: Bangkok is too crowded and there is no place at all to run around. At Rutgers, there are lots of fields to run around. I play aerobie with my friends in math department regularly. People are nice and we have fun doing it (except sometimes losing team start to get upset and the game heats up a little bit, people start yelling at each other (No!,I'm just kidding). I went to the rowing camp for 2 years in a row already. I really like it! EVERYTHINGS are beautiful overthere, the river, the hotel, the food and the people. I also like watching poker tournament at night since I dont have cable TV in my apartment. I am not any good at rowing though. Last time I got beaten by 300 pounds (according to my coach :-))12 years old girl. She bet me by about 20-30 seconds. I am enjoying being suck though since that means I still have a lot of room to improve. I also fliped my boat twice last year. Flipping the boat is the action when you messed up and the boat turn up side down and you ended up in the water. During the first year ,I was so upset that I am going to die at the camp. My coach said "Aek, you are not going to die if you flip your boat, you just hang on to it". I also had an accident during the first year when I got back to the dork. I had a gigantic bump on my chin. It is funny everytime I think about it. The race at the end of the camp was quite painful but that made the experience memorable.