Fall 2004: Last Monday I watched movie "Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind". This movie is very sweet and I like it a lot.

Fall 2004: Last Tuesday I had a student claimed that my quiz was too hard. (integrate arctan2x dx using integration by parts). The way he protested made me mad for couple days. Today I had a thought about the tennis and the idea came up into my mind. I should acting like a judge in tennis (just not responding to the disagreement of the player). That would be cool.

1/24/05: I am back to Rutgers about a week now. I am glad to come back here and study math. Living here is not as easy as living at home back in Thailand but at least it help me grow up. Right now I am trying to organize my life. I hope all the best for myself this semester.

1/27/05: Yesterday was a big day. I got my car registered! At least two of my friends was shocked to hear that. Because it has been more than 2 years now that I ignore it.

3/10/05: I have not been updated my website for so long. Today there is a big news. Kasparov, chess world champion and the greatest player of all time, announced the retirement from professional chess after he won Linares tournament holding in Spain. This is such a big shock. He has been in number one ranking in the world for 20 years. I hope he will keep his cool and may be we will see more of his action in Russian Politic.

4/6/05: The weather is very nice today. Also my adivisor showed the class the proof of the thing I published last year. And he gave me $10 for that. He said he like my proof a lot. I feel happy now.

1/18/06: It was great to come back Jersey with such a very nice warm weather. Bangkok is pretty polluted. I am excited to be back here and study a little bit more of math. Look at what I found at the Japanese airport on the way back to Jersey. I found all sorts of US tabloids: people, the US, etc. I told my friend that I start to get used to American culture. She asked me, do Americans have any culture?. I told her American culture is the culture of the world already. So sometimes people did not notice it.

4/14/06: I had this story in my head for awhile that I want to share . It was at a video store in Highland Park about a month and a half ago. So I checked out the movies. They asked me for $15.69 ( fifteen dollars and sixtynine cents). I gave him $20.19. He looked shocked and upset. He was obviously doing the arithmetic in his head. Eventually he gave me back $5.50. I did not pay attention at the time he gave me back the money. Then I realized I got extra dollar for a change. It was funny. (In case you are curious, I never gave the money back to the guy).

12/5/06: Time passes very fast this semester. These days I had a hard time sleeping. I can sleep only 4-5 hours a day. I am sure this is because I am getting too excited about my math research that I am doing.

12/6/06: Hey, I slept pretty well last night. I think meeting with my advisor on Monday really calm me down. I was a bit upset about my pizza talk last Friday. ( For non-rutgers-math people, pizza talk is the weekly talk that graduate student here volunteer to do.) It was such a mess. But my advisor said the opposite. He liked my talk and he even propose to write a teaching recommendation for me. Another thing, I talked to him about the research and I told him that I dont need to prove all three of my base cases, I only need to prove one and a half, then he laughed a bit. That was pretty funny. Well, hopefully I will pass my language exam this semester and I will not have to worry about taking class again ever!

5/7/07: OMG, the teaching is just done today. This year I got lucky to teach a good class. I got diff eq and calc3. Since the ciriculum in Thailand and Rutgers are not the same. I got a great chance to learn a lot from these two classes also. Teaching calc3 this semester is hard, since my mind is focusing on finishing my research papers. Calc3 is fun. At the end we did some cool stuffs like Stoke's and Green's theorem. I am about to have my two math papers coming out also. I am playing a lot on the game called Toads and Frogs lately. Also I am going back home again in the next 2 weeks then coming back here to teach the summer class. Basically (and hopefully) doing a lot of math this summer since I am trying to graduate and get a job. I am quite lucky to get into a school like Rutges and meet a wonderful and great mathematician like Dr.Z (Amongst Undergrad, Dr.Z is very very famous from teahcing calculus, but he is a great mathemactician too).

Apart from the above, I just got the best gift couple days ago. I have a very nice friend Patrick Mucci. He gave me his PS2 (Play Station 2). I am really excited!

5/10/07: Yay! I got a TA teaching award. I will get $100. I am planning to spend $40 on Rudin, Analysis. I really like study advanced Calc. I have to think about what I should do about the rest of the money.

5/14/07: The one who most excited about my TA award is my advisor Dr.Z. He shaked my hand twice today. He also bought the book above for me as a gift. I love free food, free books and free game console. I love it. The second most excited person is my brother. He seemed to be pretty impressed. I already get a check in my mail box today. I will cash it tomorrow.

10/03/08: OMG, I did not write this diary for so long. I actually did break my leg 3 months ago. I fell down while playing aerobie. I broke the bones which called Tibia and Fibula. The doctor put the rod through the bone. It was very hard the first 20 days. I had my mom and my brother came from Thailand to help me. The doctors and physical theraphists were very nice all these times. I have been walking for about 6 weeks now. However the doctor gave me the x-ray of my leg for the first time last Monday. I am now feeling worried. I figure out the bones still broken. It freaks me out. The Fibula bone is actually not connected at all.

1/16/11: Today is the very first day I have this website back on the internet. I am so happy having it back on-line. I spent a couple hours to repair broken links and fixed some grammar mistakes. So from now on, I will have a place to put my papers and notes that I wrote! Everything will be organized again. Anyway I am here in Hagenberg/Linz, Austria for about a month and a half now. I am glad that I am doing math again. I feel like doing anything else is just a waste of time. Here there are Christoph and Manuel who I can talk with and work together. This is the first time that I really have somebody to work with. Both of them are very good at programming and probably amongst the best in the field. I will also use this chance to wrap up my work from the past. I really hope to get back on track! Well, so what do I do apart from math here? Well, not much. But I will come back for second round in March. I will certainly travel a little bit. We will see. Most people here like to go to Vienna and Budapest since it is not too far away.

11/21/16: I just realized how unproductive I have been lately. Today is actually my free day, but so far I have worked for only about an hour and a half hour amount of work. I could have an excuse since grading and writing up an exam is something I don't want to do. So I decide from today on I will read math for 2 hours a day, everyday. (We will see how long I am gonna be able to keep it.) It is better to spend an extra energy on doing what I love to do rather than wasting it on thinking about an unnecessary stuffs or playing games.

11/21/16: I am very careful on spending money. I don't like to buy stuff that I do not need. However there are some ocassions that I ran into the situations where I regret spending money on stuffs. Here is my top 1.

1. Buying a stereo when I finished my high school. That one caused about $600 (which is a huge chunk of money back then). It could not even get a good radio signal. My parents still keep it in the house. But I would rather throw it away.