Favorite Movies:

(Last updated: August 2013)

Below are the list of my favorite movies along with quotes and my comments.

About a boy

Quote: "You don't care a shit about people , people don't care a shit about you", "It helps to think of a day as a unit of time, each unit consisting of thirty minutes " .

Comment: For example: taking a shower 1 unit, having lunch 2 units, playing internet 3 units, chit chat with roommats 4 units, walking around 2 units, taking class 3 units, etc. I watched this movie like 5 times. I can't believe he went to Single Parent Club just to meet girls.

Shrek (I)

Quote: " Shrek is not an evolution, it is a revolution "

Comment: Shrek walking the princess back was so cute. Everything is good til the princess turned to a big green ogre.

Back to the future (1 & 3)

Quote: " Doc! " " Marty!" " 1.21 jigawatts! "

Comment: These are one of the very first movie that I watched. The plot of the movie just fit together very nicely.

There's Something about Mary

Comment: Romantic comedy that I like. It is so funny. I simply couldn't stop laughing. Although some scences seem to be out of control.

Matchstick men

Comment: The bond of father and daugther is so cute. Nicolas Cage and Alison Lohman played really well. I was so into it.

A Walk to remember

Quote: "You have to promise you won't fall in love with me."

Comment: It is not very often that I watch romantic movie. But I like this one. I didn't know Mandy Moore before I watched this movie. I was shocked to see another image of her as a singer on TV later.

Patch Adams

Comment: I was crying through out the movie (please dont think I am crazy). I guess it is more fun to do things for others. This movie was based on the true story.

Seven years in Tibet

Comment: Brat Pitt was as funny as usual. I like to watch him struggling after fleeing from Nazi camp. I really like the scence where he steal dog's food.

Garden State

Quote: "Are you really retarded?"

Comment: Of course this movie is so cool because they have Natalie Portman stars on it. However the movie is so sincere and sweet which are the more important parts that make me like it.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Without Limits

Quote: "You heart can probably pump more blood than anyone else's on earth, and that takes talent"

Comment: Hmmm, to do things that ordinary people could not do is beautiful. It is especially beautiful if it is running. It is easy to see and easy to feel for an observor. I like the scence that he broke the US record by 6 seconds. That was so cool. I was crying (again) watching this scence.


Quote: "Don't tell me what I can't do. " , "There is no before, Charlie", "They are not lost, they are on vacation" .

Comment: This is not exactly a movie. It is a TV series. The plot is really well written. I really like the cool hatch in the second seson.

Who is the happiest guys in Lost? Definitely ,John Locke. He always dream to do this kind of thing.

Who is the coolest one in Lost? It's definitely gonna be the guy who live in the hatch. He calls everyone brother. He is trying to save the world. And he listens to the very cool 80's music.

Who is the hottest? Definitely Kate. She is such a bad ass.

The Godfather

Comment: Super classic, very cool movie. Must watch for everyone.